A team

We are first and foremost a dynamic and collaborate team of technical experts and specialists. We work together because we find positive teamwork to be fulfilling and effective.

with lots of technical expertise

We have decades of combined experience realizing innovative solutions through techology.

building custom solutions.

We specialize in cloud based mobile and web applications, but we also have experience with security, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence.

Our Team

Just as relationships are constantly growing and changing in dynamic ways, so this list is constantly growing, changing and shifting as the needs and positioning of our team change.

Steve Graber

Seasoned software engineering professional, business and project manager.

Co-founded 3 companies: Unfolding Technology LLC, Automation Systems and Products, and Sundial Properties LLC.

Developed product lines:
TTLive table tennis management platform with web and mobile apps.
EnDepth Data business management platform with web app.

tManager (IIot), OPC UA Server, EZ1131

ASIC 100, ASIC 200, ASIC 300 (Industrial Automation)

IMC 120, IMC 121, IMC 123 (Industrial Automation)

Cross functional team leadership. Customer support.

Cyber Security Specialist certification.

Developed 2 US Patents for Control Communications Architecture and Control Data Download

Josh Graber
Principal Engineer

Experienced technology polyglot who loves solving problems. Years of experience leading teams and projects large and small from start to completion. Extensive experience with enterprise grade risk and security assessment, analysis, and mitigation. Intuitive understanding of how to realize ideas using technology.

Early career experience working with Microsoft technologies building Windows applications on Windows Forms and WPF.

Transitioned to rich web applications on ASP.NET and AngularJS, later upgraded to the latest Angular platform.

Solid experience building with Ruby on Rails and React.

Exposure to functional programming through Elixir, Elm, and Haskell.

Recent interest and exploration in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, self sovereign identity, and other developing technologies.

Paul McCartney
Technology Development

Programmer with a passion for data integrity. Information generated through data should be the backbone of all business decisions. Works to make sure that that information can be trusted. Adept at statistical data analysis and working with SPC.

"Whatever your task, work heartily, as serving the Lord and not men."  (Colossians 3:23)

Autum Fenstemaker
Web & Mobile Development

Autumn Fenstemaker is a software developer and a busy mother of 4. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, baking, and the occasional binge-watch of a favorite tv show. She is a lover of people and an enthusiast for life.

Amanda Graber
TTLive Representative

Amanda is excited about the opportunity to market TTLive. It combines two of her passions - family and table tennis. As a young person, Amanda won the title of Ohio Women's Table Tennis Champion and Open Double's Table Tennis Champion (with her brother Samson Dubina) and made the USA Collegiate Women's Table Tennis Team. After ten years of playing, Amanda married Josh Graber who became her best friend. Now, after being married for over ten years, Amanda is back at playing table tennis with her three oldest children.

Our Values

  • Helping to create healthier societies, families, and individuals.
  • Empowering and amplifying the value of each individual.
  • Learning ways to approach work and life that are characterized by peace and are healthier and more holistic.
  • Finding sustainable solutions to real societal problems with energy, waste, industry.
  • Finding enjoyment in life as we connect and share our journeys
  • Solving difficult problems with innovative solutions
  • Creating beauty and art in the things that we create and solutions that we discover.
  • Read more of our thoughts and values on our blog.


We specialize in...

Software as a Service

Web applications, APIs, and data always available and instantly accessible through the cloud. Collect fees digitally via Stripe or other digital payment providers securely without the need for expensive PCI compliance.

Web Applications

Interoperable, interactive applications that run in all modern browsers, served via the internet. HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, Typescript, Angular, React, ASP.NET, Node

Data Management

Data integrity, visualization, aggregation, management, and more via PostgreSQL, MongoDB, programmable APIs, Python data toolkits

Mobile Applications

Convenient rich experiences in the palm of your hand. Access to powerful data sets through custom data APIs that work in lockstep with accompanying web applications. Cross platform enabled via ReactNative.

We also have experience with...

Security Standards

Rest assured that your data and your client's data is all safe and secured using the latest security standards. We are paranoid so that you don't have to be.

Internet of Things

Smart hardware devices that communicate rich data and / or behavior back to your central infrastructure and applications.


Establishing trust across organizations with distributed ledger technology. Hands on experience with Fabric and other Hyperledger tools.

Artificial Intelligence

Using machine learning to match patterns and make meaningful predictions... accelerating and supporting human intelligence. Hands on experience with Nvidia Jetson harware.

Our Work


Interactive web and mobile applications for managing table tennis leagues and tournaments.

EnDepth Data

Interactive web application for managing, predicting, and assessing small business finances.

Time Tracking Application

Interactive web and mobile application for tracking time for contract projects. Sub contracted for a client.


Interactive web application to make it easier for parents to home educate their children successfully and with less stress.

Oil Level Reporting

IoT project to measure and alert when oil levels in tanks go below a certain threshold. Installed Otodata for our client after some prototyping work with Particle.io.

Artificial Intelligence

Jetson Nano exploratory projects with machine learning.

Self Sovereign Identity

Built sample web applications to issue and request verifiable digital credentials using the Sovrin network.

Spun up and interacted with an instance of British Columbia’s VON (Verifiable Organizations Network).

Trialed the Streetcred (now Trinsic) and Evernym VC toolchains, issuing and holding verifiable credentials.

Data Analysis

Entry, organization, and clean up of data from paper reports for a small business client.

Detailed graphical visualization and analysis for this data using Python tool chains.

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